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WP1. Preparation Scoping and Analysis of Quality Assurance in Azerbaijan Universities

WP1. Preparation Scoping and Analysis of Quality Assurance in Azerbaijan Universities

Scoping and Analysis of Quality Assurance in Azerbaijan Universities

As the beginning of project activities a survey will be conducted among the administrative and academic staff of Azerbaijan partner universities in order to clarify the current situation on QA in partner universities. Also special survey will be prepared to analyze the satisfaction and expectations of students as the universities’ stakeholders and customers. The surveys will cover the following areas:

Quality assurance

Quality enhancement

Quality culture

Human Resource Management/ Recognition,

Teamwork (employee participation),

Top Management commitment and leadership,

student focus/Student engagement

Staff development



30 administrative and academic staff, 30 students (will be selected randomly) from each partner universities will participate in surveys. The special prepared questionnaire will be sent also to 30 alumni of the universities in order to identify the dissatisfaction or satisfaction about the administration system of the universities.

Taking into consideration the objectives of the research which require solid, reliable statistical analysis the SPSS 20 program applied to analyze the data. Then based on the results of the surveys all universities will be required to prepare their own report related to current situation before the workshop.

A workshop on review mechanism of partner universities’ QMS will be organized for all project staff representing of participating universities. This 2 days workshop will be organized before the kick-off meeting and the results will be introduced to EU partners.

During the workshop each partner university will provide a SWOT analysis of its current QMS and will define the main shortages in own QMS functioning mechanism. After deep analysis on needs and gaps in terms of the implementation of QMS a general report will be written statistically analyzing needs assessment and survey results with a clear description of problems and solutions discussed during workshop. This report will guide the partners during the whole project lifecycle.

This work shop and report will give an opportunity to EU partner universities to  learn about their Azerbaijan partners and the conditions regarding QA in Azerbaijan, in order to prepare carefully their future trainings and activities taking into consideration the needs and gaps.