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Проектные докуметы

WP1. Self evauation 

Self Evaluation of Universities (presentation)

WP1 - Needs assessment reports 

WP 1 - Evaluation of SER by European Universities

WP 2 

Job Descriptions of Universities

Quality Policy

Statue of QAC in Universities

Work Plan of QAC

Business Sustainability Plan

WP 3 

QMS development in Azerbaijan HEI (short-version)


QM system

QMS Implementation

Stakeholder Mapping

Action Plan

SWOT Analysis

Organizational Structure of Universities

WP 4

Reflection provided by EU on study visits

Lithuania- SMK - Study Visit

Lithuania Reflections

Alicante - Study visit

Sweeden- KTH Royal Institute of Technology- Study Visit

London - Middlesex University- Study Visit

Spain - Alicante University - Study Visit

Second Sweden visit's Reflections

Lithuania- SMK - Second Visit

Second Lithuania Reflections

WP 7